ZigaForm version 5.5.1

Weld-On Suspension Chassis Link Tabs Frame Mount Qty 4




Product- Quantity of 4 weld on frame mounting tabs, overall size is 4 3/8″ x 2 9/16″ w/ 9/16″ diameter hole which can easily be modified for larger sizes. Weld – on installation with a 4 3/8″ flat edge to weld to chassis, long sloped angle to add strength and stability. From weld on edge to bottom of hole is 1 7/16″ of clearance. Material and Finish- Laser cut for a precision fit from 1/4″ thick 1020 steel and shipped clean and free of burrs. Product will come in bare steel and coatings can be added by customer at their own discretion once mounted in place.