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Weld On Beadlocks


Must buy 4 wheel kits minimum per order

Shipping weight – 16# per kit (each kit comes with 2 rings an inner and an outer)

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  • Product Price: $60.00
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These are your standard laser cut (not plasma cut) weld on bead locks cut from ¼” plate. With each wheel kit you get two rings an inner (which is smaller in diameter) that welds into the outer rim lip of your wheel. There is no grinding or cutting off of the outer rim lip needed to install these locks. Our 15”, 16” & 16.5” locks all utilize 32 bolt holes. If you need a 17” set then they jump up to 35 bolt holes per wheel kit. The outer ring is larger in diameter to accommodate the ease of tire bead installation. We are currently stocking the standard non designed ring in all 4 wheel sizes listed above. Shipment is normally 1 business day for handling and preparing the shipment.

We have a couple available options with each wheel kit. The first is anti-coning, which is an O-ring cord type material that helps minimize ring deflection when tightening down the bead locks. The other is out hardware kit that consists of a bolt and nylock nut enough to do a wheel kit. So if you order 4 bead lock wheel kits and you want hardware  or anti-coning then please order 4 of the hardware or anti-coning.

Note: installing of this kit does not increase the overall diameter of your wheel as some kits do, thus tearing your tires upon installation is not an issue. 18” or larger wheels call for quote as we have built locks for wheels up to 22” in the past.  If you need custom designs please call for a quote and lead time is usually around 4 weeks.