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GM 14 Bolt Gen II Full Disk Brake Kit w/ E-brake Calipers 1990+ Models w/ Slide Off Drums


We are currently finalizing our new updated e-brake kits. These have been a work in progress for over a year now and final testing is being completed. We are moving away from the well dated Cadillac Eldorado setup towards a New American made Wilwood e-brake caliper.

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These kits uses overbuilt thick brackets, spacers, and hardware. These kits also comes with new rotors, re-manufactured calipers w/ e-brake provision, semi metallic brake pads, hub seals and new caliper pins and anti-rattle clips.

Kit includes :

  • 2 pieces 3/8″ thick laser cut brackets from 1020 steel with tapped caliper mount holes & required laser cut shims.
  • 6 pieces of 1/2-20 grade 8 zinc plated x 1 1/2″ long hex head bolts
  • 6 pieces of 1/2-20 grade 8 zinc plated standard nut
  • 6 pieces of 1/2″ standard grade 2 lock washer zinc plated
  • 1 Right and 1 Left Remanufactured Large ¾ ton single piston caliper w/ e-brake provision
  • 2 New Rotors
  • 2 Flex Hoses

Fit : This is the Gen II Kit for trucks with Slide Off Drum’s. Normally, only found on 1990 and newer models. Some models may require new brake lines to be installed.