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GLO Universal Dana 60 / 70 Disc Brake Conversion Brackets with mounting hardware


“Second Generation Dodge Truck Dana 70 rear axles owners please read”



You get both brackets and six grade 8 bolts and zinc plated lock washers & nuts. We do NOT supply the rotors, loaded calipers (constitutes: calipers, pads and slide pins) or the flex hoses (you must run flex hoses with this kit and adapt to your hard line). All of these components should be acquired from the front end of a mid 1970’s GM 3/4 ton 4×4 pickup, your local Napa will be able to acquire these for you or any other reputable dealer such as Rock Auto. If you need actual part numbers for these parts I can provide them. The calipers are the large single piston design. These disc brake brackets will accept the common 1976-1978 Cadillac Eldorado rear calipers that have a built in mechanical actuated E-brake.

Kit includes :

  •  2 pieces 3/8″ thick laser cut brackets from 1020 steel with tapped caliper mount holes
  • 6 pieces of 1/2-20 grade 8 zinc plated x 1 1/2″ long hex head bolts
  • 6 pieces of 1/2-20 grade 8 zinc plated standard nut
  • 6 pieces of 1/2″ standard grade 2 lock washer zinc plated

Fit & Finish : This universal setup will fit the rock solid Dana 60 / 70 full float rear axle. These brackets share the two standard 60 / 70 axle tube drum brake backing mount patterns taking the guesswork out of which setup you have under your truck. It also allows you to plan your build ahead or piece it together over time as the funds present themselves. Blow or twist the rear axle and you now do not have to worry if this kit will fit the next 60 / 70 axle you find a good deal on. Standard three bolt bracket machined and fabricated, it will be a direct bolt up to your existing axle tube end flange if you have a Dana 60 rear axle. If you have a Dana 70 it will bolt up but depending on year, make and model / hub style you may need tubing spacers. If you know how long we can provide them cut to length at an additional cost, please send me a message for details on these spacers. Depending on your hub you may need to source new studs and or drill the stud holes slightly larger on the hub or rotor to make them match for the stud you are using. There are many variations to the Dana 70 rear axle when it comes to hub and spacing out from the axle tube drum flange. We have dealt with these for many years giving us a leg up on our competitors.  Does not fit the early Jeep and Chevy Dana 60 we have a separate kit for those. The Chevy Dana 60 was only used from 1968-1972. Jeep then got the rights to the GM Dana 60 in 1973 and used it to the end of the full size Jeep trucks in the early 80’s.  Prior to 1972 Jeep used a dodge version of a Dana 60 and did actually use the dodge HD 60 in special order/camper special Jeep trucks in 73′ and 74′.

The only potential issue we have ever encountered in 20 years of producing parts for any Dana 70 rear axle are on a small number of the second generation Dodge Dana 70 rear truck axles. In this very small percentage of axles we have found that a few need our bracket to sit exactly where the axle tube end flange is located. Realize just because you may have a second generation Dodge Dana 60 rear axle does not necessarily mean yours will have this issue. In these rare instances we have another rotor that other customers have used with success however you may also be required to run short tube spacers between the bracket and axle tube end flange. As with the Dana 70 axles we can cut and provide these for an additional fee if the situation deems this necessary. The measurement you need is the distance between the axle tube end flange and backside of the hub (hub would need turned to accept rotor to fit properly and seated fully upon the spindle and bearings.

Material and Finish : Machined for a precision fit from 1020 Steel and shipped clean and free of burrs. Product will come in bare steel and coatings can be added by customer at their own discretion.

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Weight 8 kg