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GLO Corporate 14 Bolt Disc Brake Conversion Brackets with mounting hardware


Fit : Kit will fit the rock solid 1970’s and 80’s GM 10.5 full float rear axle with the non slip off drums



Standard three bolt bracket machined and fabricated, it will be a direct bolt up to your existing axle tube end flange. You get both brackets and six grade 8 bolts and zinc plated lock washers. We do NOT supply the rotors, loaded calipers (constitutes: calipers, pads and slide pins) or the flex hoses (you must run flex hoses with this kit and adapt to your hard line). All of these components should be acquired from the front end of a mid 1970’s GM 3/4 ton 4×4 pickup., your local Napa will be able to acquire these for you or any other reputable dealer such as Rock Auto. If you need actual part numbers for these parts I can provide them. These disc brake brackets will accept the common 1976-1978 Cadillac Eldorado rear calipers that have a built in mechanical actuated E-brake should you need them. We have the actuation brackets and springs available in another kit for sale independently should you go that route. Please ask if questions, just give me a call I’m here to help.

Kit includes : 2 pieces 3/8″ thick laser cut brackets from 1020 steel with welded spacers and tapped caliper mount holes, 6 pieces of 1/2-20 grade 8 zinc plated x 2″ long hex head bolts, 6 pieces of 1/2″ standard grade 2 lock washer zinc plated

Material and Finish : Machined for a precision fit from 1020 Steel and shipped clean and free of burrs. Spacers are fully welded on to the bracket, not just held on by bolts or tack welds. Product will come in bare steel and coatings can be added by customer at their own discretion.

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Weight 10 kg