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GLO Corporate 14 Bolt Complete Disc Brake Conversion Kit with e-brake calipers


Fit : Kit will fit the rock solid 1970’s and 80’s GM 10.5 full float rear axle with the non-slip off drums

Shipping Weight – 2 boxes, 1 @27kg & 1 @40 kg



These kits incorporate overbuilt thick brackets, spacers, and hardware. Also included are new rotors, re-manufactured calipers with e-brake provision, semi metallic brake pads, hub seals and new caliper pins and anti- rattle clips. Some models may require new brake lines to be installed which is at the discretion of the vehicle owner.

Special Notes – E-brake calipers are getting hard to acquire, please call or email for parts availability prior to ordering. Please plan ahead and often we can put them on order ahead of time and make sure we have access to them for your project.

Kit includes : 2 pieces 3/8″ thick laser cut brackets from 1020 steel with welded spacers and tapped caliper mount holes, 6 pieces of 1/2-20 grade 8 zinc plated x 2″ long hex head bolts, 6 pieces of 1/2″ standard grade 2 lock washer zinc plated, a left and right rebuilt & loaded e-brake caliper  with anti-rattle clips, 2 rotors, a pair of flex hoses and new seals. Everything you need to convert your heavy non-functioning drum setup to discs and keep your e-brake.

Material and Finish : Machined for a precision fit from 1020 Steel and shipped clean and free of burrs. Spacers are fully welded on to the bracket, not just held on by bolts or tack welds. Product will come in bare steel and coatings can be added by customer at their own discretion. All auto parts are new and or professionally remanufactured condition direct from our auto parts supplier.


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