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Clocking Ring NP205 Round Mount Pattern Transfer Case Ford Down GM UP




Standard two position clocking ring to rotate your round front mount patterned NP205. If you have a Ford drivers side drop front output then this ring will rotate the front output down to help with driveline angles on lifted vehicles. If you have a passenger side drop GM front output shaft then this ring will rotate that front output shaft up to help with overall ground clearance. Ring comes with a universal hardware set including studs, nylon locking nuts and countersunk allen head bolts. All hardware in the universal set consists of 3/8-16 thread count, there are a few t-cases out there that need the metric M10x1.5 thread count mounting screws. If yours is one of these cases please contact us prior to purchasing for availability of those mounting bolts.
Below is a list of what is included with this product.

  • One 3/8″ thick bare steel machined clocking ring
  • 6 piece of a nylon inserted locking nuts black oxide finish
  • 6 pieces of a 3/8″-16 x 2″ studs black oxide finish with allen wrench provision
  • 6 pieces of a 3/8-16 x 1″ allen head provisioned flat head machine screw black oxide finish.

Ring will fit the Ford NP205 (1974-1979) Or GM Round NP205 (1985-1991) round six bolt pattern t-cases. You may need to address drive shafts, shifter linkages and or cross members mounts to use this ring. Ring is designed with two positions to raise or lower your t-case 1.5″ or 3″ depending on which position you choose. Last please be aware that this 6 bolt pattern is oriented so that you need to order the correct ring for your t-case, we currently have 2 different rings in stock for these NP205 cases. If your case is oriented differently or you have a special application please ask questions before purchasing we are here answering questions 24-7-365.