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American Made GLO Weld On BeadLock Kits

GLO Weld On BeadLock Kits

15", 16", 16.5", 17" and other sizes availible, All laser cut from 1/4" thick steel to turn  Four of your wheels into beadlocks.

These bead locks are the original design that sits just inside the wheel lip.   The reason for this is to prevent the tires from being damaged when there installed and removed.   Unlike other designs where the bead lock is flush to the outside lip, tires can be damaged and are difficult to install and remove. Another benefit of this design is that the outer lip is almost impossible to dent.

Our bead locks feature 32 bolt holes 3/8" diameter.
Once you get to 17" wheels and up we increase the amount of bolts used in order to keep ample amount of pressure on the tire.

GLO DIY Weld On Bead Locks
Part #:: GLO-BDLC1-151


These are your standard laser cut (not plasma cut) weld on bead locks cut from ¼” plate. With each wheel kit you get two rings an inner (which is smaller in diameter) that welds into the outer rim lip of your wheel. There is no grinding or cutting off of the outer rim lip needed to install these locks. Our 15” & 16” / 16.5” locks all utilize 32 bolt holes. If you need a 17” set then they jump up to 35 bolt holes per wheel kit. The outer ring is larger in diameter to accommodate the ease of installation. Note: installing of this kit does not increase the overall diameter of your wheel as some kits do, so tearing your tires upon installation is not an issue. 18” or larger wheels call for quote as we have built locks for wheels up to 22” in the past.

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