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GLO Extreme Axle Parts

GLO Axle Spring Perches
Part #:: GLO-PRCH1

Laser cut from 1/4 inch thick P&O steel plate. They are formed using a 250 ton CNC press brake. Note these are not cheap generic trailer spring mounts. These have been designed to take the severe abuse of hardcore offroading.  


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GLO Clocking Ring Dana 300 NP208/241

This ring will lay your Dana 300 transfer case flat and are 3/8" thick. Just what you need for that added ground clearance. All hardware included.

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GLO Exclusive Chevy Front Dana 60 Top Plates
Part #:: GLO-SPRNG
Exclusive Chevy Front Dana 60 Top Plates
Laser cut P&O 1/2 inch thick steel plate. They are a perfect replacement for the hard to find original front sway bar mounts. These also work well as a base plate for the hydraulic assist conversion.

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GLO Ford 9" & 14 Bolt Yoke Guard
Part #:: PN-GRD

Newly designed 14 bolt pinion guard Will fit over both the 1350 & 1410 yokes. Laser cut steel for precision. A Pinion Guard is available for the Ford 9" as well.

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GLO Rockwell 2.5 ton Top Loader Steer Axle Boot Guards
Part #:: GLO-RCBT

We start with a single piece of 3/8” plate laser cut and formed to shape. Next we add a ½” thick laser cut hardware guard to the bottom which fully protects not only the pressed in grease zerk but the included new grade 8 socket head caps screws. The unit is then completely welded and last but not least we counterbore the mounting holes for a protected, flush fit. The added hardware protection is an industry leading first and in our opinion a necessary requirement. No more grinding or snapping off grease zerks and bolt heads only to have to replace after every trip.

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GLO Yoke Girdles
Part #:: GLO-GRDL

OK, so I have been working and testing these for awhile. I know I for one was tired of breaking those cheap $5 kit type formed straps holding in my U-joints. I upgraded to 1350's when I put the Stak in the EB. What I found though was there was only one style of yoke in the 1350 for the Dana 44 front I was running. And unfortunately it was the strap style not the u-bolt style yoke. So I said there has to be something better?

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