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GLO Dana 60 & 70 Disc Conversion Kit

GLO Dana 60 & 70 Disc Conversion Kit
Great Lake Extreme Off-Road also have Dana 60 & 70 disc kits available for the Dodge & Ford models. These brackets allow you to easily and cleanly upgrade to disc brakes for your rear axle application. High strength and good looks together in one beautiful laser cut design from 3/8" thick P&O steel plate. Great Lake uses the more expensive & high quality P&O plate steel which has been acid treated to remove all mill scale. This insures a smooth finish without the possibility of mill scale causing issues when you weld, paint or even powder coat your brackets. Kit also includes new hardware. Note: Please, check your axle tube end mount flange pattern to make sure you order the correct brackets with the correct corresponding bolt pattern. This can be done by measuring the bolts as they stick thru the drum backing plate without removing your wheels. You get two laser cut brackets machined / tapped for caliper slide pins and 6 or 8 (depending on bracket used on your kit) bolts, nuts and lock washers with this kit.

FYI: Dana 70 Disc Kit Consumers
Note: If ordering Dana 70 Kits please realize you can add spacer material to this order, these spacers are not cut to length. You must mock up the kit and cut them yourself. Only certain Dana 70 axles need these spacers as on some the backspaing is so that our bracket mounts directly to the axle tube mounting flange. There is no ryhme or reason to which axle needs spacers and which does not as they are many variations to the Dana 70 even within the same year, make and model truck. Thanks
Part #: GLO-DSKBR-70
Weight: 10.00 lbs
Our price: $69.50
Choose Your Axle
Mounting Pattern
Include Dana 70 Spacers
Quantity (1000 available)

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