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GLO AAM 14 Bolt Differential Cover for 99' and Newer

GLO AAM 14 Bolt Differential Cover for 99' and Newer
Optional Drain Plug Tread Plate Upgrade Bored Mounting Holes Upgraded 1/2" Cover

At GLO we developed the first true two-piece fabricated differential cover on the market. We start by providing a low profile laser cut ½” thick bolt gasket ring as our foundation. The idea was to allow the shaving of many differentials without modifying our cover. Then we add a true one piece ¼” thick laser cut and cnc broke gear cover. To top it off, finally we add a custom machined to our specs fill bung with plug. The plug is an Allen setscrew type plug in a 3/8” national pipe thread which comes in at approx ¾” diameter to fill your fluids. From start to finish we designed this with the best intentions not sacrificing quality in the name of cost and end user satisfaction.

From the start we choose to use a ½” thick bolt ring as our base. My granddad once stated “You don’t put a foundation under an outhouse” and the same theory applies here as well. Once this is fixture welded there is no room for any deflection. The single piece ¼” gear cover just made sense, why weld it from several pieces when one from the start is stronger? Overall uniform strength with less weld areas to create an opportunity to break and tear upon impact. Face it guys, gals these covers are right out in front and need to be able to withstand a hard blunt force trauma. Our two welders have over forty years combined experience to create some of the best looking welds on the planet. The quality in the welds is top notch and you will not be disappointed upon opening your box when it arrives. This cover upon purchase is complete and ready to go to work for you. It does not need to be assembled nor do you need to grind out the welds because they are not up to your standard or what you would expect from a quality fabricated piece. The only option this cover does not have before leaving our shop is to weld this unit up your self. The reason for this is in our warranty. We stand behind every cover we build with our lifetime stamp of approval. You break it we replace it no BS included.

            Many options are available for an additional cost, however please be aware no additional reinforcement or option is required to get you over that next obstacle. Many base model bone stock GLO covers still run some of the harshest races and or trails in the off road world. If there is any question in your mind please refer back to our warranty of every cover we have ever built. I do believe however a product can always be tailored to fit and that is what you will find in our optional add ons for your new cover.

Part #: GLO-AAM-14BT11
Weight: 15.00 lbs
Our price: $110.00
Upgrade Mid Plate
Upgrade Entire Cover
Bored Mounting Holes
Cover Texture
Add Drain Plug
Add Upper Truss Tab
Quantity (1000 available)

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