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Welcome to Great Lake Offroad LLC

We Wheel What We Sell

With a long fabricating history I knew how to build a better rat trap so to speak. We did not choose to do a cheap imitation of some one else parts. We tested and perfected our covers engineered design to maximize strength. As fellow wheelers / racers the last thing we want to do is leave you stranded on the trail or not able to finish the race.

At GLO we developed the first true two-piece fabricated differential cover on the market. We start by providing a low profile laser cut ½” thick bolt gasket ring as our foundation. The idea was to allow the shaving of many differentials without modifying our cover. Then we add a true one piece ¼” thick laser cut and cnc broke gear cover. To top it off, finally we add a custom machined to our specs fill bung with plug. The plug is an Allen setscrew type plug in a 3/8” national pipe thread which comes in at approx ¾” diameter to fill your fluids. From start to finish we designed this with the best intentions not sacrificing quality in the name of cost and end user satisfaction.